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In addition to being a performing musician, I also carry many other skills in my tool basket, and am honored to offer these in whatever way they can be of service. 


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Vocal Improvisation Circles

Vocal Improv

I have been co-facilitating improvisational singing circles with my friend Tasya Herskovits since this Fall of 2018.


This has been a powerful transformational space to step into every month, and those attending have blossomed in their voices in ways that none of us could have expected.

To open a space to allow ourselves to make sound and gather our voices together, to see what happens when we let our voices take us on a journey, has been constantly surprising, tearful, and brilliantly vibrant. 


If you would like to host a circle in your living room or other space, or attend a circle in Portland, Oregon or elsewhere, please contact me.

I ask for a donation of $11-$33 per person to allow me to do this work.


Intuitive Vocal Lessons

Vocal Lessons

If you would like to step more fully into your voice and expression through music, I would love to help you. I have been teaching voice for six years now, working with people of all ages. My approach is intuitive and informed by both your desire and my perception of your blockages and strengths as a singer. 

From my perspective, our willingness and ability to express through music is often tied to traumas, beliefs about ourselves that we may or may not have chosen, and sometimes agreements we have made unconsciously, maybe even before we can remember. I seek to be with you wherever you are at with your voice and hold a safe space for you to test and stretch your musical boundaries and grow in your ability to express yourself.

Depending on what your needs and desires are, these lessons look like some combination of embodiment and relaxation practice, vocal improvisation, songwriting practice, and even music theory and technical advice. If you are looking for a singing practice that is integrated with spirituality and emotional expression, and  takes into account your personal journey and life's path, I may be a helpful person for you. 

I am currently teaching in Portland, Oregon, and would also love to meet with you while traveling through your home place, especially while touring this Spring of 2019.

Vocal Lessons are offered on a sliding scale,

from $40-$60 for an hour lesson.

Those who can pay more allow me to be able to offer sliding scale.

I can also accept some trades.


Musician for Events

I would love to play your house party, wedding, or any other event where you would like to listen to my music. I can learn most songs and am very adaptable to what kind of atmosphere you want to create. 

If you are interested, please contact me with a time frame, any preference you have of whether I play solo or bring others, and any other pertinent details, and we can find a time to talk.

My price is negotiable, so let me know what your budget is. 

For Events


Ecological Gardening and Land Tending Consultations


Ever since I was a tiny creature I have loved growing things.  I grew up around gardens and in forests, making forts, running through fields, and munching on any plants that I knew I could eat. 

It is my belief that tending the land where we are is a large part of what makes us human. It is my honor to teach you what I have gathered over the last 26 years of gardening, observing and interacting with the forest, tracking, wild plant study, and learning from the many teachers that I have had the privilege of studying with. 

I do not believe that in order to live we must destroy the soil and life to come. On the contrary, the places we tend can be abundant havens for all life, human and non human alike. We do not have to be opposed to natural cycles of life, and tending land does not have to be incredibly difficult. 

While I learn more every day, I would like to share some of the knowledge that I have been so generously offered and help you nourish the places where you live and visit until they are buzzing with life.

This gift is very close to my heart, and I would be delighted to help you. The format that I am currently working with is similar to vocal lessons, answering questions that you may have about nourishing soil, plant, microbial, and animal life, and walking around with you while we explore aspects of what makes it possible to tend land in a holistic way.

If you would like to learn more about my experience with land tending over the last 26 years or are interested in setting up a consultation, please contact me below. I have been heavily involved in the worlds of wild-tending, herbal medicine, permaculture, backyard gardening, and agroforestry, and I also seek to honor and respect indigenous and land based knowledge. I humbly offer what I know while doing my best to respect what is sacred to people here.

I offer this work on a sliding scale. Please give what you can afford. I would also be happy to teach groups of people in an interactive workshop setting. 


More Offerings....

I make instruments, tan hides, felt clothing and bags, bake bread, and more. I have been involved in the ancestral skills world since I was 12, learning how my ancestors and ancestors of people here have lived before industrial culture. If you would like to regain your capacity to work with things that were simply always part of life before the madness called modern civilization, I would love to help you. I still consider myself a baby in these skills, though I have been learning for upwards of 14 years now. 

I am also an intuitive, the plants have been offering me messages for years, I often hear specific plants that people need, and have worked closely with their messages in my own healing path. It gives me so much joy to tune into messages, plants, and energetic blockages in your body and energy field, and help you on your journey of healing and soothing that which causes you pain. 

I offer these skills on a sliding scale and often for free, though being paid allows me to offer my music and be generous with my teachers and skills. Please contact me if you are interested, or are wondering about some other way I may assist you. 



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